annamaria bruni

The Photography Grant 2017 - Photojournalism Nominee

London (8 October, 2017) - Photographer Annamaria Bruni was Awarded: Nominee Award in Story for the winning entry Manila Vice.

Since few years Manila is constantly expanding.
In the Makati district, cranes are working incessantly day and night to finish the many skyscrapers that will be used as offices for various international corporations.
Gifted with a young population and backed by $50 billion of revenue from remittances and outsourcing, the Philippines is getting an additional boost from Duterte’s $160 billion-infrastructure plan aimed at creating jobs.
The Philippines’ economy rose up in the third quarter of 2016, outperforming other Asian countries’ economic growth during the same period.
Meanwhile the President is cleaning out the city from drug dealers and users with his death squads.



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