annamaria bruni

First Prize 100 th Nikon Anniversary

Greeting to the Sun it's been awarded at the Nikon Photo Contest 2017/2018 with the first prize.

Neville Brody, Lead Judge, wrote about the picture:

In what could be a modern image by Vermeer or Rembrandt, Greeting to the Sun by Annamaria Bruni, the winner of the 2017 Nikon 100th Anniversary award, captures a single 73 year-old woman in her darkened living room picked out by a small patch of low, bright sun streaming through the shuttered window. The woman is in prayer, her posture at right angles to the line of the sun.

This serene celebration of a new day is magical to us, the calmness of the image draws us in, the details in the objects creating a narrative for our imagination. Again, softness, contrast, light and dark are the powerful mechanisms used here to tell a human story, a delicate expression that feels more like a beautifully observed still life.

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