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Ever present past

Four decades have passed since the indelible image of the 'Afghan Girl' etched itself into my mind during the eighties.
Unfortunately, the plight of women in Afghanistan has scarcely improved over time; if anything, it's deteriorating.
The nation appears froze, with women once again relegated to mere shadows drifting through the streets of their homeland, echoing a bygone era.
The resurgence of the Taliban to power in 2020 dealt again a severe blow to the rights of women, who now grapple with renewed and grave violations, including restricted freedoms, enforced dress codes, and strict barriers to education.
Banished from public spaces like parks and gyms, young girls are granted only basic education rights. Once they exceed the age of 13, many are compelled to retreat into the confines of their homes.

Amidst these challenging circumstances, a limited number of Afghan girls have the fortune to escape Afghanistan and find shelter in Europe, thanks to the support and care provided by NGOs.
I had the privilege of getting to know some of them, and they graciously shared their experiences, memories, and hopes with me.
The prospect of studying and experiencing partial independence has opened a world brimming with possibilities, granting them the freedom to dream at last. Yet, an ever-present shadow looms: mothers, sisters, and friends left behind in Afghanistan continue to endure the Taliban's regime. This specter persists even in their newfound Western lives, protected yet haunted by the prevailing injustice back home.

These rare fortunate escapes to Europe highlight the stark contrast between the privileged few and the overwhelming majority. This stark reality serves as a poignant reminder of the unjust plight faced by countless nameless women and girls, whose aspirations are crushed, and whose potential is systematically constrained within the confines of an oppressive regime.
Ever present past
Ever present past
Ever present past
Ever present Past
Ever present past
Ever present past
Ever present past

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